Lighting Rebate Form  

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Equipment must be purchased in 2023 and installed on cooperative lines
  • Rebate not to exceed 20% of the cost of individual items
  • Rebates must be submitted no later than 3 months after purchase date, or by December 152023, whichever date comes first. 
  • Rebates are valid through December 15, 2023 or until funds are depleted 
Member Information

Service Address 

If different than mailing address.

 Required Materials:
  • A copy of your receipt or invoice for each item purchased 
  • Documentation showing the number of lumens (if applicable) 

Residential Lighting
LED Bulb

Must be for 5 bulbs or more

$0.50 per bulb
Occupancy Sensor

$5 per sensor
Non-Residential Lighting
LED Bulb

Must be for 5 bulbs or more

$0.50 per bulb
LED Fixture

Ex: 5 fixtures x 1,250 lumens = 6,250

$0.50 per 800 lumens
Occupancy Sensor

$5 per sensor
LED Exit Sign

$5 per sign
Attach Invoice(s) & Lumen specifications (if applicable)
Attach pictures of packaging or documentation showing the # of lumens for fixtures 
Please allow 8 to 10 weeks to process this rebate.
The incentive for qualifying rebates will appear as a bill credit unless the incentive is greater than $200 in which case a check may be issued. 
BEC reserves the right to deny or limit any rebate or incentive.