Operation Round Up Grant Application

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Applicants must upload required supporting documents toward the end of this application. Incomplete applications and missing supporting documents will be withdrawn from the process at the following board meeting. 

The required supporting documents include:

- Organization determination letter (an IRS letter describing your organization status)
- Current financials (a balance sheet or tax returns)
- Project/item quotes 
(Additional supporting information is encouraged)

Feel free to email Brianna Stone additional information and supporting documentation at bstone@thenergycoop.com by the application deadline. You will always receive confirmation of the documents you have emailed to this address. Feel free to call 740.348.1199 if you haven't received a reply from within 48 hours.

It's always recommended you save a copy of your application.

Grant funds awarded are limited to $10,000 annually per organization. All supporting documents and quotes should balance or exceed this requested amount.
Organization Information

All communications and funds go here.

If you rent or lease, please provide a copy of your agreement with supporting documentation.

Organization Contact

No Dashes Needed

The information contained in this statement is for the purpose of obtaining funding from The Energy Cooperative Round Up Foundation, Inc. on behalf of the undersigned. Each undersigned understands that the information provided herein is used in deciding to grant funding, and each undersigned represents and warrants that the information provided is true and complete and that The Energy Cooperative Round Up Foundation, Inc. may consider this statement as continuing to be true and correct until a written notice of a change is provided. The Energy Cooperative Round Up Foundation, Inc. is authorized to make all inquiries they deem necessary to verify the accuracy of the statements made herein. Please note that for the organization or agency who receives funding: 1) The Energy Cooperative Round Up Foundation, Inc. publishes the name, amount and purpose of funding granted. You may also be asked for a photograph for public relations purposes. 2) We also ask that you provide the Foundation with information to substantiate the use of funds awarded, such as copies of invoices, pictures of equipment purchased, or a statement describing specifically how the funds were used.

Supporting Documentation Checklist

Please Upload Documents With No Special Characters Such as (,.+)

Please Upload Documents With No Special Characters Such as (,.+)

Please Upload Documents With No Special Characters Such as (,.+)

You must confirm all information has been received by the deadline. If you do not receive confirmation from the cooperative, call 740.348.1199. Applications without supporting documents will be automatically withdrawn if no communications is received within 10 days. Please share as much information as you can. The details help the Board determine the best decision.

All Supporting Documents: Please email to bstone@theenergycoop.com OR mail to Brianna Stone. 1500 Granville Road. PO Box 4970. Newark, OH 43058-4970 OR fax to 740.344.2054