2024 Residential Rebate Application

Rebate Requirements

  1. San Isabel Electric MUST be your electric utility.
  2. The completed rebate request form and documentation must be received within 90 days of product purchase.
  3. Only Energy Star appliances will be accepted.
  4. A receipt or paid invoice for each product must be attached.
  5. Proof of recycling is required for refrigerator and freezer rebates.
  6. This form must be completed in whole.
  7. Members are only allowed 1 rebate per product type per year.

You will receive a copy of your completed form after clicking submit. 

For information about San Isabel Electric's energy efficiency program check out siea.com/empower.

Rebate questions?
Email residentialrebates@siea.com or call 719-647-6250.

Member Information

The name on your rebate application must match the name on your San Isabel Electric account.

Service Location (where new equipment is located)

Mailing Address

Please select all that apply.

Air Conditioning

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) can be found on the yellow tag with your unit.

Cellular Shades Information

AERC Information
Cellular shades must be Attachments Energy Ratings Council (AERC) certified to qualify for a rebate from SIEA. 

Dryer Information

Electric Vehicle Information

Double savings! Get an electric vehicle (EV) rebate & nearly half-off electricity for your entire home during off-peak hours with our time-of-day plan. Enroll now.

Time of Day hours infographic

Residential member-owners who choose to charge their electric vehicles at home, during off-peak hours can pay as little as the equivalent of $0.59 per gallon of gasoline, depending on the amount of electricity used during the billing cycle.

Plus, you can get electricity for nearly half-off the regular rate for the rest of your homes electricity usage 14-hours a day in the winter and eight hours a day in the summer. 

Go to siea.com/timeofday to learn more about time of day rates.
Yes, sign me up for the Time-of-Use (TOU) rate! If I receive a rebate, I understand I'll be switched to the TOU rate and I'll stay on the TOU rate for at least a year from the date the rebate is issued. To qualify for an electric vehicle rebate, you must meet one of the following conditions:

You are already enrolled in the SIEA time-of-use rate program.
You sign up for the time-of-use rate program at the time you apply for the rebate. 

Important: If you receive a rebate, you must remain on the TOU rate for at least one year from the date the rebate is issued.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station & Installation

EV charging installations require a dedicated circuit.  Separate invoices providing a detailed list of EV charging equipment and electric service installation is required to be submitted with your rebate application.

EV charging installation rebates are subject to inspection and approval by San Isabel Electric Energy Services employees.  Please submit all related receipts and paid invoices with this application to request an electric vehicle charger rebate.

Induction Cooktop / Range

To qualify for a rebate, induction cooktops and/or range appliance must be 30" wide or larger. 

Insulation Upgrade

Please select all that apply.

Electric Heat Pump

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) can be found on the yellow tag with your unit.

Electric Water Heater

Outdoor Power Equipment

Please select only only one type of outdoor power equipment. You'll be asked if you have additional outdoor power equipment at the end of this section. 

Second Outdoor Power Equipment Information

Third Outdoor Power Equipment Information

Refrigerator / Freezer Recycling

Whole House Fan

Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostat

Time-of-Day (TOD) Rate

Time of Day hours infographic

The time-of-day rate, also known as time-of-use or TOU, is a relatively simple concept: Rates are lower when demand for electricity is low, but costs increase when demand is high. During off-peak hours, member-owners signed up for the electric storage time-of-day program
  •  $0.076 per kWh for the first 1,000 kWh.
  •  After the first 1,000 kWh the rate goes down to just $0.062 per kWh.
Member-owners who have installed electric storage heating equipment (ETS units), licensed electric vehicle(s), or battery storage unit(s) approved by San Isabel Electric can apply for the special rate by calling San Isabel Electric. There is an additional $10/month access charge, year-round, for member-owners on time-of-day rates.

Go to siea.com/timeofday to learn more about time of day rates.

Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions
Rebates shall be pro-rated based on the percent of power supplied by the
utility if the customer has distributed generation.

Application Information: Missing or incorrect information on the application may delay processing and delivery of the rebate. An invoice is required and should include specific product information, including the brand, model, serial number and date of purchase of the energy efficient measures. Other information including manufacturer's equipment performance sheets may be required upon request.

The Utility reserves the right to verify sales transactions and to have reasonable access to the Customer's facility to inspect pre-existing equipment (if applicable) and energy efficient measures installed under this program.

Warranty Information: The Utility makes no warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to equipment operation, material, workmanship or manufacturing. The Utility does not guarantee that a certain level of energy or cost savings will result from the use of products covered by this program.

Limitation of Liability: The Utility's liability in connection with this program is limited to paying the rebate specified when all terms and conditions have been satisfied. Under no circumstances shall the Utility be liable for any consequential or incidental damages or tax liability resulting from participation in this program.

Participant Certification: Participating Customer certifies that he/she purchased and installed the equipment listed on their application at the defined location served by the Utility. The Customer agrees that all information provided is true and that he/she has conformed to all program requirements. If the equipment and application does not comply with the Utility's rules and qualifications, the rebate amount may be denied or adjusted.

Program Changes/Termination: The Utility reserves the right to extend, modify (including incentive levels) or terminate this Program at any time without prior or further notice. The Customer is responsible for checking with the Utility to determine whether the program has been changed or is still in effect.

Customers must apply for rebates within six (6) months of the purchase
date (as shown on the Customer's invoice) and are subject to the current year program offer if received after January 31st. Past  eligibility, however, does not guarantee that equipment will meet criteria for current programs in effect.